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Welcome to the Regnum Online Wiki, the comprehensive reference for Champions of Regnum, written and maintained by its players.

The wiki itself is hosted and maintained by the german CoR Forum.

About this Wiki

Our goal is to collect as much data about Regnum Online as possible. Many fan websites are discontinued, so we decided to preserve a copy of the comprehensive Regnum Fandom Wiki and extend it over time.



We pay attention to old and multilingual data, so we ask you to follow those simple rules:

  1. Don't delete old screenshots or information. Try to integrate it as good as possible, compare it with new data, etc.
  2. All pages must be created in english. We will then enable translation for the page, and content can be translated to other languages.
  3. Read the documentation, especially about multilingualism. The wiki will tell you what to read, when you have to.
  4. Don't break the Wiki, no vandalism.


We are working on updating all the content. Pages will be placed in the new Table of Contents below, and added a stub tag.

Please see Category:Article Stubs to see what needs to be worked on if you don't want to create new pages.

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